3 Common Pains Seen in Wholesale Distribution – Solved by Acumatica, a Cloud Based ERP System

Posted on: May 22, 2015 | By: Jim Bertler | Acumatica

If you’re a small or medium-sized business owner and you feel that your traditional ERP system is setting you back, you’re not alone. We understand that it is a big decision deciding where to invest your hard-earned money next. To help point you in the right (and most beneficial) direction, we want to highlight just how much of an effect a cloud based ERP systems can have on your wholesale distribution business. Cloud based ERP can lend a helping hand in some commonly seen problem areas for wholesale distribution companies such as changing customer demand, small margins, and rising product and operational costs. From the time an order comes in to when it ships and is in transit, cloud based ERP can simplify the whole operation.

In the sections to follow, we will highlight 3 common problems that wholesale distribution managers face, and will focus on how Acumatica – a cloud based ERP system that focuses on small and mid-size businesses – can handle these problems with ease, enabling you to increase your business capacity and feel confident in doing so.

Problem #1: Managing the warehouse

Managing your warehouse can be a tough task. Between tracking and filling orders, overseeing receivables, and handling inventory, there is a lot to worry about day in and day out. Ensuring that your warehouse is running as it should can be demanding. Real-time data can give you a peek at your inventory levels across your whole business at one time.

How Acumatica Can Help

Acumatica allows you to order and track your inventory all in one place, which can help you reduce how often you run out of stock at different warehouses. You can also utilize Acumatica’s historical sales data to help you plan for slow and busy times during the year. Acumatica’ system is very flexible, and you can easily track your inventory by its lot or serial number. Utilizing Acumatica to help you keep your warehouses in check will help you cut down waste and inventory.

Problem #2: Communication Disruptions

If you’re like many other businesses in your industry, you probably have a distribution center in one place, your headquarter office in another country and customers all over the globe. You’re probably experienced that with this multitude of operations, communicating with everyone can be a challenge. With different currencies, time zones and systems all in the mix, missing something important can easily disrupt your process.

Acumatica’s solution

Utilizing Acumatica will consolidate your financials, inventory, sales orders, vendors, customers and invoices all in one place. Acumatica takes advantage of already existing systems and uses real-time tracking, ensuring that you will never miss an important detail. Translating your business processes into various currencies, different locations and languages is automated, making sure that your whole team stays up to speed. Another important tidbit: Acumatica doesn’t charge on a per-user basis, so you can include your partners and sales agents that are independent of your company.

Problem #3: Slowed Workflows

Having a ton of customers is great, but sometimes your order process can stand still if there are lots of third parties involved. Another factor to consider – selling through various channels can be a setback if your workflows aren’t synced up.

Acumatica’s Solution

You can create easily manageable workflow rules for sales and purchase orders – filtered by the type of order, information about the vendor, the amount you are discounting, the price or quantity of the order or other factors centered around the transaction. Let’s say you want to make sure that orders over $50,000 get approved by whoever is in charge. No problem, Acumatica will allow you to do so. You can utilize the same logic for e-commerce, sales made over the phone, third party orders, and email orders, so both you and your customers all know what to expect, every time.

Contact us  at Logan Consulting, your Chicago based Acumatica partner if you have questions. We are happy to provide guidance and help you maximize your wholesale distribution business. 

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