The Client

Our client, a leader in water treatment and filtration systems, provides solutions for both household and business environments worldwide. In the United States and Canada, their dealerships work locally to distribute and service water treatment systems, water and air filtration systems, bottled water, salt and other supplies depending upon regional needs.

The Opportunity

The company’s dealer division has approximately 75 locations in the United States. They were in the process of implementing MFG/PRO throughout the client and replacing each dealership’s standalone legacy system in order to streamline operations and normalize practices across all locations. For various reasons, the project was interrupted and faced reduced resources prior to Logan’s involvement.

Logan Consulting was brought in to conduct a current state assessment and to make recommendations for completing the project. During the assessment, it was discovered that there were three major issues with the implementations that had already taken place:

  • The software (MFG/PRO) did not fully meet the needs of the business.
  • The implementation process did not include adequate training for concepts such as inventory management that were new to the branch employees.
  • On-site and post-implementation support was lacking.

The Solution

With 29 dealerships (41 physical locations) left to implement.

Logan proposed a new deployment plan based upon the tried and true Logan Consulting Methodology. Logan Consulting proposed the creation of a “Site Lead”, a highly trained individual that would serve as the project manager of a site through the entire implementation process.

Four Logan and one internal resource became site leads for the project. One Logan site lead was also the external Project Manager. Logan also had a full-time technical resource who worked with their IT department.

The Results

  • Two dealerships went live on August 28th, 2005 after a successful pilot execution of the implementation plan.
  • The remaining dealerships were rolled out in overlapping waves, per Logan’s recommendation
  • The project team received very positive feedback from the dealerships that experienced both the original implementation plan and the Logan implementation due to the individual attention given to the dealerships as well as the increased amount of time spent on-site by the project team
  • They now have transparency and uniformity across the branches because of the MFG/PRO implementation.