Professional Service Organization Implements Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Logan Consulting Helps a Professional Services Organization with Implementation of CRM and Integration of CRM and Microsoft Outlook

The Client

The client, a division of a large network that specializes in assisting health care institutions staff temporary positions for medical professionals with a broad range of specializations. The client’s network has access to one of the largest pools of talented medical professionals available in the United States. The strength of the client and its network is the ability to not only source the individuals to fill the temporary positions, but also handle all administrative and logistical needs of the medical institutions.

The Opportunity

The sales force of the client was seeking a CRM solution which would emulate the group’s best business practices while at the same time providing ease of use and visibility of all records across the entire CRM user community. Critical requirements of a new systemb included the need to easily manage the day to day activities for each sales rep as well as provide for a structured and agreedupon pipeline of potential future sales the rep is working. Lastly, there needed to be a way in which relationships could easily be established between the customers and potential customers as well as consultants and partnerships which are directly involved in the complex sales cycle.

The Solution

Dynamics CRM integrated with Microsoft Outlook was configured to meet the needs of this sales group. Account records were customized to further categorize the needs to the health institutions our client is selling to. The Opportunity record was customized to allow the capturing of deal details, established steps in the sales process, and establishing a link between the deal and the corresponding network Branch office. In addition, custom views were created to allow for easy analysis of activities and pipeline for all members of the CRM community.

All CRM functionality is accessed via Outlook, thus allowing for CRM users to work from one single location day to day and providing visibility of all records for everyone using CRM. Day to day reporting is easily executed by exporting custom-built views to Excel so that information can be shared real-time, with a few simple clicks within CRM.

The Result

  • MSN has deployed a customized Dynamics CRM application integrated with the Microsoft Outlook experience which allows users to capitalize on the seamless integration of Contacts, Task, and
  • Appointments between CRM and Outlook.
  • All Account and Contact information is easily shared between members of the CRM community, allow for better collaboration and sharing of information as opposed to being stored on one individual’s machine.
  • Pipeline management encompasses the best practices for each stage of the sales cycle with real-time reporting capabilities that allow for tracking of Opportunities by user, State, and Territory.
  • Relationship functionality has been configured which provides a method by which to associate accounts to each other, individuals (contacts) to deal, and link third party influencers to sales opportunities.
  • Visibility into team member’s daily responsibilities and activities is achieved via custom views of CRM records, thus allowing sales managers to assist on those appointments/calls/tasks associated with the most important details.