Nutritional Technologies Supplier Implements Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Nutritional Technologies Supplier Selects Logan Consulting to Implement Microsoft CRM

The Client

Our client is a leading supplier of nutritional technologies to businesses and retail operations. In November of 2006, they added a business to consumer division to supply these nutritional technologies to the general public. In addition, our client may create additional companies to sell related products such as exercise equipment. All of the products are sold online and the integration between the website and the business solution was a critical success factor.

The Opportunity

The client was looking for an accounting system as well as a front end customer relationship management system which could handle everything from marketing to inventory tracking. Plus it had to be easy to use and intuitive. The integration between the websites, front end, and accounting system had to be seamless and reliable.

The Solution

The Client selected Logan Consulting, Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a complete business solution.

As a Certified Microsoft Partner, Logan Consulting had the expertise to implement this complete end to end solution.

The implementation began the beginning of December 2006. By mid-month, the client was using Dynamics CRM to manage their marketing plans and customer base. Dynamics GP was processing transactions by the second week of January 2007. The completed integration phase was finalized the first week of February 2007. Customer orders originate in the on-line shopping cart and flow into Dynamics GP as an order/invoice and payments follow. Customers can sign-up for a newsletter on the web-sites and their information integrates directly to Dynamics CRM.

The Results

  • Real-Time, up to the minute integration with their shopping cart and website.
  • Real-Time, up to the minute integration between Dynamics CRM and Dynamics GP.
  • Large Scale direct marketing campaigns are being built and executed against their CRM account/contact base.
  • The ability to track campaign budgets as well as effectiveness while using the campaign response functionality.
  • Dynamics CRM access directly from within the Outlook client, thus enabling the ability to work within a single application.
  • Allows for the tracking of any selected Email which can be linked to any record found within CRM.
  • Provides the ability to assign tasks and track both completion and ownership via Dynamics CRM activities.