The Client

Our client manufactures and services state-of-the-art retail merchandising systems such as vending machines, cashless systems, software and wireless communications. For the past 90 years, they have been supplying the vending industry with the best equipment and service.


The Opportunity

Our client was using an older business software system that pre-dated today’s advanced relationship database ERP solutions.  They were interested in achieving better control of transactions, better visibility into their supply chain, more efficient operations, and easier financial close and financial reporting.


The Logan Consulting Solution

We helped our client implement full ERP and supply chain functionality to support their global operations. In support of their goal, Logan devised a plan to deploy an integrated global business system that will enable ongoing growth, embrace best practices, and develop a single global database. The project activities included a detailed project plan, core and IT team training, development of effective future state business processes, and ERP system configuration and Master Data setups.


The Results

By Implementing state-of-the-art ERP, our client now has a fully-integrated ERP system in place, allowing them to transact business more efficiently world-wide.  In addition, they now have better visibility into operations, are better able to plan and react and can close their financials quickly and accurately.


Next Steps

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