Industry Spotlight:

Professional Services

The Challenge

As the modern marketplace has become more centered around the internet, the professional services industry has had to evolve in order to remain competitive in an everchanging global economy. This need to adapt has resulted in challenges for companies within the industry, and Logan Consulting has identified the following as the major issues for professional services companies:

  • Resources: It is difficult to have enough of the right people or skillsets to properly fulfill services at any given time without accurate. advanced data for estimates.
  • Streamlining the setup and billing process: Consultants need to be able to access systems from anywhere, especially via mobile phones because of the nature of their jobs.
  • Project Budget and Status Tracking: Having constant and accurate visibility over a specific project’s spend and timeline is crucial for successful project management, and this can be difficult to achieve because of the complexity and unique needs of individual projects.

The Solution

Luckily, because of this shift towards an online-based business world, ERP and CRM systems have been updated and become more advanced to address these complex issues. Logan Consulting specializes in helping clients identify sources of problems within their current systems, and then helps come up with a course of action to address and correct these issues in order to maximize profitability and efficiency.

Our clients have transformed their businesses through leveraging the following modern solution Acumatica for the professional services industry:

  • Easy Collaboration: Acumatica’s cloud ERP makes resource allocation of people’s time and skillsets much easier because of the accessibility and connectivity of users.
  • Cloud Access: Acumatica’s ERP is cloud-based, meaning you can access and use the system on any device, anywhere in the world. Consultants can use their mobile phones to add or update any pertinent information.
  • Project Accounting: Acumatica has a variety of tools in place to simplify project management, such as tracking costs, budget reporting, revenue recognition, and company-specific financial periods.

Case Study: Aviation Security Services Company

Aviation Security Services

The client’s current software in use was outdated, making the project life cycle disjunct between each stage, impacting the efficiency and accuracy of time and cost tracking. Logan Consulting performed an in-depth analysis of the problems the client was experiencing, and presented a plan to implement Acumatica that resulted in a much more efficient, streamlined, and accurate process for project management.

Case Study: Airport Security Services Provider

Airport Security Services

The client is a national provider of airport security and screening services and wanted to streamline their systems in order to improve efficiency. They were using an outdated software that couldn’t satisfy the company’s needs. Logan Consulting reviewed the client’s current situation and successfully implemented multiple Acumatica modules, yielding satisfactory results for the client.

Acumatica: How This ERP Software Can Transform Your Business

Acumatica is quickly growing in popularity for small and midsize businesses. This all-in-one solution is a great option for companies in the professional services industry because it facilitates resource management, project management, and billing through one system.

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Project Accounting Made Simple in Acumatica

Project Accounting is at the heart of any professional services company, and being able to manage your project’s budget and timeline while satisfying your client’s needs can be a complicated task. Acumatica comes equipped with many modules designed to simplify and assist in project accounting so you can spend less time crunching numbers and more time interacting with your client.

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Acumatica's Customer Self-Service Portal and Its Benefits

In such a competitive, online marketplace, being able to provide unique customer service to consumers is vital in maintaining good customer relationships. It’s important for customers to have a personalized, empowering experience, but this can be difficult to achieve. However, in Acumatica, there is a customer self-service portal in which users have access and control over their personal data, and can have any common questions quickly answered.

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