Integration Manager Project for Microsoft Dynamics GP

The Client

Our client, a major produce distributor in the Midwest, is a 3rd party logistics company that specializes in produce and food. BRT was founded in 1996 and is currently headquartered in Indianapolis.

The Opportunity

Our Client has two different systems to handle accounting data: 1) Carrier and 2) Dynamics GP. Previously, our client had been manually entering data from Carrier into Dynamics GP. The data entered included new customers, new vendors, payables invoices, and receivables invoices. This resulted in inefficient processes related to AR and AP, such as redundant data entry.

As a result, this client wanted to integrate the data entered into Carrier with Dynamics GP. This would allow the client to only enter data once and ensure that the data stays consistent throughout both systems. Additionally, our client wanted to create a schedule for these integrations to automatically run every night at a given time.

The Solution

In order to address this need and improve the AR and AP processes, Logan met with BRT to discuss the integrations. At this meeting, we analyzed the extract file from Carrier and determined whether or not each field was necessary and where it should be mapped to in the integration. As a result, we created a spreadsheet for each integration that included a sample record from the extract file and where each field would be mapped to in GP.

Next, the integrations were created in Integration Manager. After Logan completed the integrations, they were tested by Logan on the test database, and then tested by our client on the test database. Once all testing was complete, our client provided Logan with schedule of when it wanted each integration to run every night. This schedule was added to the integration and tested on the test database before pointing all integrations to the live database.

The Results

  • Automatic and consistent integration between the data in Carrier and the data in Dynamics GP. The only action that a user has to take is to post the batches.
  • Improved data integrity between Carrier and Dynamics GP. There is no risk of user error on data entry.
  • Increased efficiency with the AR and AP processes. Nobody will be double-entering data anymore.