Technology Planning

Logan Consulting began providing strategic technology consulting in 1992. As an original line of service, Logan Consulting has been helping clients align their technology needs with their strategic business needs for over twenty years.

In general terms, this means helping our clients define what technology they ideally need to support their business by first understanding their business.  What drives the business cash flow (EBITDA)?  What drives less tangible but still critically important company value?  What are are the company’s key performance indicators (KPI’s), where is the data to support them and how do we cost-effectively surface this information for executive and decision-making consumption?

We then help clients to assess alternative technology from a cost/benefit perspective in terms of how well the technology plan and eventual implementation will support their business. This assistance generally starts with helping our clients develop a plan.

From a Strategic Technology Planning perspective, Logan Consulting will interview your executive team, visit all key locations and work with your internal team to develop a Strategic Technology Plan. We firmly believe in the 80/20 rule with respect to this planning exercise, meaning we believe we can complete this kind of a planning project at about a quarter of the time and cost of a “big four” alternative.

How can we provide this value so cost-effectively? First of all, all of our Strategic Technology Planning resources have long and distinguished track records performing this work. Our people have both consulting and “real world” experience, clearly understanding the difference between “theoretical” and “practical” when it comes to planning how technology will support your business. In addition, through our extensive experience, we can quickly narrow down the planning and technology options, avoiding the need to review and evaluate alternatives that clearly don’t make sense. This saves you your valuable internal staff and executive time, and it helps keep our fees down.

In more tangible terms, we add value by helping clients avoid the technology cost over runs and poorly conceived approaches that end up costing businesses literally thousands or millions of dollars. More specifically, we work with our clients to help negotiate computer hardware, software and services purchases and contracts, saving our clients considerable sums of money. Finally, by using our senior strategic technology consulting people much like a company might use an auditor, benefits consultant or attorney, we can provide the equivalent of a highly compensated CIO for a specific number of days per month or quarter at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CIO. We can also help you optimize your IT staff to appropriately and cost-effectively support your business (i.e. workstation, server, network, desktop support, etc.).

Logan Consulting believes technology should exist to support the business, not the other way around. We will help you drive out IT cost/waste. We will not implement technology because it is new and exciting, nor are we interested in building a technology “resume” at your expense. We will provide high impact, practical technology consulting advice and service to optimally support your business.

Please contact us to help you develop a strategic technology plan to support your business.

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