Logan Consulting at MWUG

Welcome QAD Users!

Let Logan Consulting help you get the most out of your MWUG Conference investment by attending QAD training immediately following the conference. The event starts on March 19th and continues until March 20th. The fall conference brought over 300 attendees from the QAD community covering 5 industries: Manufacturing, Industrial Products, Electronics, Food and Beverage/Consumer Products, and Medical Devices/Pharmaceuticals.

This year’s event takes place at The Henry Hotel in Dearborn, MI.

Logan Consulting Post Conference QAD Training

When: Tuesday, March 19th & Wednesday, March 20th

Where: The Henry Hotel, Dearborn, MI.

Training Investment: 1 for $450.00, 2 or more attendees $350 per person

Included: Training, handouts, snacks, beverages and 2 meals.

Special Notes: Class size is limited to 20.

In order to help users get the most out of their MWUG investment, Logan Consulting will provide QAD training immediately following the QAD MWUG Conference — Spring 2019. If you have any questions regarding this training event, please contact us here.

Master Scheduling Workbenches/Production Scheduling Workbenches (MSW/PSW)

Training led by: Brad Weinstein, Principal

End Game: Provide Individuals with an understanding of QAD’s Master Scheduling and Production Scheduling Workbenches (MSW/PSW), including terminology, components and common elements, as well as implementation considerations, steps and lessons learned.

MSW/PSW is an integrated solution, available to customers on QAD Standard Edition (eB2.1 SP4 and up) and Enterprise Edition versions (2010EE and up). The main benefit of this tool is to empower your ERP users with quick visibility into issues with supply, demand, machine capacity and/or material shortages. Key features include:

  • Visual cues of shortages and capacity issues
  • Grid view of planned and exploded order(s) across production line(s)
  • Visibility to component availability
  • Access to other planning information on the same screen (within the workbenches)
  • Drag and drop sequencing of production lines
  • Customized views based on planner preferences
  • Track performance to schedule
  • Ability to schedule Repetitive, Discrete and Kanban on a single resource

Training will be a combination of lecture and demonstration exercises, including how you can take an MRP planned order and sequence and schedule by site, line and item. Attendees will also learn how to override the plan as needed for exception situations and how the schedule can be published in various ways. We will also touch on key process requirements that drive the setup of this tool and how setup decisions are transacted at the QAD program level. It is important to note that this training is focused purely on QAD’s planning and scheduling functionality and tools, it will not assist in the decision of discrete vs. repetitive modes of manufacturing.

Skill Level: Intermediate. Individuals should have a general understanding of key manufacturing planning and scheduling concepts as well as the QAD ERP application. To keep the class interactive, class size will be limited to 20 attendees.

Reporting Framework (QRF)

Training led by: James Blankenship, Principal

End Game: Provide individuals with the skills to start applying the QAD Reporting Framework (QRF) tool where appropriate in their respective organizations.

QAD’s Reporting Framework (QRF) is a part of the QAD bundle, so all companies have access to it, so long as you are on a 2009 version of the application (or later). The QRF tool is primarily used for formatting customer-facing documents such as Invoices and Sales Order acknowledgements, as well as enhancing the look of internal reports. Additional benefits include:

  • QRF Invoice and Sales Order Print (Sales Order Acknowledgement) changes can be catered to multiple languages and country specific requirements
  • Label Setup of all language-specific document fields in multiple languages
  • QRF ‘Email Bursting’ to automatically email Invoices and Sales Order Acknowledgements directly to the customer based on master data setup on the customer business relation

Training will take a closer look into the QRF Architecture, including detail on the data source layer, report layout definition and change layouts. There will also be hands-on technical exercises, including the creation of documents, rendering changes to existing documents and troubleshooting.

Skill Level: Intermediate. Progress programming skills are needed along with an understanding of QAD coding standards. While not required, it will help to have access to your QAD development environment during the class. To keep the class interactive, class size will be limited to 20 attendees.

Logan Consulting Speaking Sessions MWUG Spring 2019

Monday, March 18th, 4:00pm – 5:00pm.

James Blankenship, Principal

EE Financial Customizations

Description: This session will focus on how to use the financial API’s in EE and will cover the following topics:
– How to add a custom field
– How to add validation to this field
– How to extract/query data from the financial tables

For QAD Version: EE

Level: Intermediate/General