Why Are You Not Using Evaluated Receipts Settlement (ERS) in QAD’s Enterprise Applications?

Posted on: February 2, 2010 | By: SuperUser Account | QAD Financials

Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS) is a software program that converts an electronic unvouchered receipt document (within QAD’s Enterprise Applications) into an approved voucher for payment without manual intervention. Alternatively stated, a human resource does not need to vouch an invoice for those receipts that have been enabled by the ERS program. For the suppliers that provide items within the ERS program, a physical invoice is not required nor should an invoice be provided from your supplier.
Your Company should consider ERS if the following conditions exist in your supplier business to business relationships:
· Your Company has an established EDI relationship with your supplier. Although this is not a requirement, EDI transactions imply a highly established business to business relationship with the supplier and provide more flexibility in setting up the ERS program.
· Your Company has a history of solid pricing contracts with your supplier.
· Supplier Item Pricing is established in QAD.
· Supplier Item Pricing is maintained in a timely manner.
· Your Company has an established remediation process with your supplier for shipping and receiving discrepancies.
In general, ERS works by pricing the receipt at either the supplier ship date or the company receipt date. A scheduled batch program will execute the ERS processor against receipt transactions that are flagged as ERS receipts and create the analogous accounts payable voucher. The process supports the three-way match concept of internal control processing under the following conditions:
1. An approved purchase order exists.
2. A documented receipt exists.
3. A pricing contract committed to the database exists.
The benefits are obvious;
· Reduced FTE effort for the administrative task of vouching invoices.
· Eliminates transactional error in voucher creation step.
· Timely voucher creation insures timely payment to the supplier, which in turn helps maintain a positive relationship with your supplier.
For more information regarding setup of this functionality, you can contact:
Andrew Vitullo, CPA
Principal, Logan Consulting

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