Want to Grow your Business AND Improve Financials? Acumatica Will Show You How

Posted on: November 5, 2015 | By: Craig Thompson | Acumatica

One of the great qualities of Acumatica ERP is the amount of integration that can be found within the software. For example, did you know that Acumatica has an integrated marketing solution built into the system that integrates with financials and content management? With this feature, you can improve relations between sales, marketing and support while maximizing your ROI.  

Some of the most essential features include managing leads, integrating important documents with the system and e-mail marketing capabilities. Acumatica’s marketing solution also includes features such as:

Integrated Financials

Marketing capabilities within Acumatica are integrated with billing and financial data. With this feature, you can compare campaign response rates directly with campaign profitability.

Partnership Marketing

If your company has multiple segments or an external partner you can link one account to one or multiple parent accounts.

Campaign Management

Create lists of your contacts, leads, prospects and customers and associate the costs and revenues of your campaigns directly to these accounts.  

Life-cycle Management

Provide marketing teams with complete history of communication and offers throughout all cycles of prospecting, closing and up-selling. 

Acumatica cloud ERP ensures that all aspects of your business flow together smoothly – making life easier for your employees and customers. For more information on Acumatica cloud ERP contact us at Logan Consulting, your Chicago based Acumatica ERP partners. 

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