Using Word Templates in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Posted on: May 1, 2012 | By: SuperUser Account | Microsoft Dynamics GP

One of the newer features in Dynamics GP is the ability to use MS Word templates to enhance the appearance of and easily add graphics (such as logos) to documents. Although certain limited availability was present in earlier versions, GP 2010 provides the user with an enhanced level of functionality that makes this feature worth looking into. There is a separate installation process for this “Add-In” to Dynamics GP along with a couple of prerequisites including the need to be on at least MS Word 2007. Although the below list has been expanded in GP 2010, future releases will build upon this functionality with the intention in the upcoming release of GP 2013 to contain templates for almost all documents. It should be noted that it is recommended to only select those templates that will be utilized, and not select all templates as a default. Below is the list of templates currently available in GP 2010:

If you are currently utilizing one of these reports within your GP application and was wishing that you could enhance its appearance. Now you can.

Within a short period of time you add graphics, additional fields and modify fonts to add the extra level of professional appearance.

To learn more about this and other features of Dynamics GP please feel free to contact Logan Consulting.

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