Trex – To Remove Excel – Dynamics GP and Business Processes

Posted on: February 6, 2014 | By: Jim Bertler | Microsoft Dynamics GP

Many years ago I was an implementation consultant and worked on a variety of ERP and CRM implementation projects.  One of the first few projects I worked on was codenamed Trex which stood for “To Remove Excel”.  As I have been in meetings over the last few weeks I was struck by how prevalent Excel still was today.  Excel was used for not just analysis or a simple integration tool, but in many cases it was still The System! 

Logan Consulting is a Microsoft Dynamics Partner and the Microsoft ERP solutions including Microsoft Dynamics GP are robust tools and excellent ERP and Accounting solutions that can be used not only for recording transactions, but for electronic interaction with your bank, recording and monitoring fixed assets, budgeting, expense reporting and payment and numerous other processes.  In addition, Dynamics GP can be utilized with mobile applications to allow users access to data in Dynamics GP or to be the starting point for a transaction like a time or expense submission. Yet today, tons of companies still use Microsoft Excel for many of these processes. 

I have blogged for many years about business processes and how it is all about the processes.  If the business processes at your company still involve a heavy amount of Excel you really should review and improve those processes.  As I mentioned earlier.  Excel is an analysis tool not a system!




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