Selecting ERP Software

Posted on: March 31, 2008 | By: SuperUser Account | ERP Selection

Ah, the start of a new blog! A chance to vent and to collaberatively share some thoughts.

Selecting and then implementing a new ERP system in today’s world doesn’t seem to be much about technology, but rather mainly about business process. Companies embark on such a selection and view it as hardware and software – it’s really people and processes. And certainly, the act of ERP selection needs to be a process with defined steps and stages. Calling up software vendors and jumping right into demo’s seems a great way to define your seleciton in terms of the “neatest” screens – unfortunately most companies never ever use the “neat” stuff – it never leaves the demo session. There’s a lot of good jokes that have “OK, demo’s over….” as the punchline.

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