QAD Planning and Scheduling Workbenches (MSW/PSW) Meet Detailed Line Scheduling Needs

Posted on: August 1, 2013 | By: Tim Lovely | QAD Manufacturing

Historically, QAD Inc.’s QAD Enterprise Applications (QAD EA) was behind other ERP applications in the area of detailed line scheduling. A user friendly intuitive interface did not exist in older versions of QAD EA. With more recent versions of QAD EA, the new Planning and Scheduling Workbenches (MSW/PSW) have greatly improved to the point of allowing organizations to increasingly meet their detailed line scheduling needs. As a result of these improvements, Logan Consulting continues to encourage its clients to investigate this tool as a possible solution for planning and scheduling needs. 

MSW/PSW is an integrated solution, available for QAD customers on maintenance. It is accessible through standard .Net screens from QAD EA, not a separate set of functionality and screens. MSW/PSW allows a user to take MRP planned orders and sequence and schedule by site, line and item. The user may also override the plan as needed for exception situations. The schedule may be published in multiple ways. An easily accessible export to MS Excel is often used to allow organizations to sort present the final schedule to its users.

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