QAD 2012SE released today

Posted on: June 12, 2012 | By: SuperUser Account | Logan Consulting News

QAD’s 2012 Standard Edition Software was released today for general availabiltiy. Specifics are below:

This release of QAD 2012 Enterprise Applications – Standard Edition (currently in English only) includes all ECOs closed between May 25, 2011 and May 21, 2012. This is largely a maintenance release, although it does include a limited number of new features. Highlights include:

  • The length of the Trans (tr_trnbr) field in the Inventory Transaction History (tr_hist) table has been extended from 8 characters to 10 to accommodate the requirements of customers who generate a large volume of inventory transactions. The maximum value of that field is now 9999999999.
  • New databases created in 2012 SE using Progress 10.2B have 64-bit sequences enabled by default. When upgrading to 2012 SE, MFG/UTIL determines whether 64-bit sequences are enabled for the database. If they are not, MFG/UTIL calls proutil to enable them.
  • The new User Count Audit Process Report ( delivered as standard product lets you generate sets of files used by QAD to verify compliance with license agreements. Previously, you had to download an external application from the QAD Web site to support this process.
  • Several fields add minor functionality enhancements:
  • In Purchase Order Acknowledgement (35.4.5), the Include Invoiced field improves performance by letting you control whether the system scans the Invoice History (ih_hist) table when selecting records for EDI eCommerce export.
  • In Manual Ack Resolution (35.22.1), the Purchase Order field lets you manually confirm acknowledgements for a specified EMT purchase order that has not previously been acknowledged.
  • In Call Generator (11.1.8), use the Update field to control whether the system generates calls immediately based on the selection criteria, or first creates a report that shows which calls will be generated.
  • When sales order line tracking is enabled in Change Tracking Maintenance (36.2.22), Sales Order Maintenance (7.1.1) now displays Reason Code and Comments fields when you delete the entire sales order from the header level.
  • Version 2.9.4 of the QAD .NET UI is available for QAD 2012 Standard Edition.

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