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Posted on: February 21, 2013 | By: Jim Bertler | Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Logan Consulting, a Chicago based, Microsoft CRM partner provides Microsoft CRM support.  Typically people think of Microsoft CRM support as answering questions, providing ongoing training and supporting end-users with urgent issues…. and all of this is true and something we do.

However, another way to provide support for Microsoft CRM is to update users on the many changes that happen with the solution.  Microsoft CRM is always being updated and right now is no exception.  Cross browser compatibility, marketing automation and Ipad apps are all things that have been discussed.  So I wanted to provide some more exact details over the next few blogs.  In addition, Microsoft makes life difficult with their code names (December 2012 update, Orion, Polaris) so I will try to make everything as simple as possible.

The best place to start in my mind is “What is available right now for Online and On-Premises”.

The current update that was released in December of 2012 includes:

• Cross web browser compatibility
• A process driven flow interface for key objects including contacts, cases, accounts, opportunities and leads
• Skype integration
• MS Office 2013 support
• Bing maps integration

A key item of note is that with the exception of cross browser compatibility the items above  have only been supplied for the Microsoft CRM Online cloud edition.

On-Premises customers will receive the remaining updates mentioned above in Q3 of 2013.

So this is what we know FOR SURE right now.  More information is expected in the next few days so we will update the blog and provide more information on these features and new features.  Hopefully you find this information helpful and see that there is a lot involved with Microsoft CRM support!

Feel free to contact us with more questions!

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