Microsoft CRM or XRM?

Posted on: October 30, 2009 | By: SuperUser Account | Microsoft Dynamics CRM

We have been receiving a lot of inquiries lately regarding using Microsoft CRM as an “XRM” tool. So the question is What exactly does XRM mean? XRM refers to the concept of using Microsoft CRM as a platform to build solutions other than Customer Relationship Management solutions.

Any solution that needs to be configurable, store data, have workflow or has activity based events can be easily created using Microsoft CRM. Microsoft can not only be a great CRM system, but a great tool for solving other business issues.

We have used Microsoft CRM for some of our clients to address investment management needs, media relations needs and accounting management issues as well as many others.

Microsoft created a quick video on You Tube which could spark some ideas for you. The link is directly below

If you think you have a need for an XRM system just contact us and we would be happy to chat with you and share our ideas and experience.

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