Integrating SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Posted on: March 20, 2015 | By: Jim Bertler | Microsoft Dynamics CRM

We thought you might be interested in a pre-release update from Microsoft that we just caught wind of. Please note that the changes are pre-release changes, and may be subject to some changes when future releases come around. Introducing, SharePoint integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM!


When using Microsoft Dynamics CRM either on promise or CRM online, you are now able to seamlessly integrate the use of SharePoint into the mix. Basically, integration with Dynamics CRM allows you to utilize the full capabilities of document management that you have with SharePoint from CRM itself.


The integration of SharePoint and CRM allows you store and manage your documents in the format of a Dynamics CRM record on SharePoint’s server, and use SharePoint to share, manage and collaborate in the simplest way possible.


One of our favorite aspects of this integration has to be the fact that documents are stored on the SharePoint server, so if a user doesn’t have access to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, fear not – they are still able to directly access documents on the SharePoint server, as long as they have the required permissions to access it.


To effectively manage your documents and utilize all of the functionalities of the integration feature, you can enable server-based SharePoint integration (which would be our suggestion) or, you can install the Microsoft Dynamics CRM List Component, which is a SharePoint Solution, on a site collection in SharePoint.


We hope that you are able to utilize this integration feature, to make your work processes even simpler. If you have any questions, contact us at Logan Consulting, a Chicago based Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner.

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