Improve Customer Service with Available To Promise Enforcement

Posted on: January 22, 2010 | By: SuperUser Account | QAD Business Process

Are your customers disappointed by late shipments? Are you frustrated by freight expedites? Is your production schedule frequently interrupted because of unrealistic due dates? You may find relief by incorporating Available to Promise Enforcement into your order entry process.

Available to Promise is the uncommitted portion of inventory and planned production. ATP calculations can be a valuable addition to a solid inventory management and planning program. By using the ATP enforcement settings in the Sales Order Control file and the Item Master, the system can calculate whether an order quantity is projected to be available by the requested due date. This applies to Sales Orders, Material Orders, and RMAs.
The enforcement levels can be set to either a warning level, which can be bypassed by the users during order entry. Or, to an error level, which forces the user to either change the due date or reduce the order quantity to within the calculated ATP quantity in order to complete order entry. Additionally, ATP Enforcement functions with sales order confirmations in batch and orders imported through EDI.

The ATP Enforcement Check utility can be used by customer service to provide reliable due dates for customers real-time.

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