How To Improve Distributor-Manufacturer Relationships With CRM

Posted on: April 27, 2016 | By: Craig Thompson | Microsoft Dynamics CRM

One of the many challenges that manufacturers face is the tradeoff between investing time into building tight relationships with distributors and focusing energy within their own organization. Peak seasons, while driving revenue, also increase the work load of your employees making it difficult for them to find time to allocate to fostering relationships with sales people.


Manufacturers know the importance of building better communication with their distributors, however without an effective CRM system finding an efficient way to provide product information when needed is a difficult task. Microsoft CRM was built to close the communication gap between distributors and manufacturers to drive sales and goodwill within your organizations. Manufacturers can use CRM to set off alarms to keep their team on track despite the busy season and Dynamics CRM's new highly predictive analytics capabilities allow sales teams to gain insight into your business while simultaneously anticipating customer needs.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Office 365 give manufacturers centralized information specific to each dealer and their clients. Salespeople can send direct notices of new releases and dealers can access the information directly. Microsoft CRM's portal solutions allow all users access to the information and assistance that they need in a single portal within CRM 2016. Warranty information for all of the dealer's sales appears at their fingertips through their dealer portal and through integration with an ERP software like Microsoft Dynamics GP, parts and service orders can be tracked through the portal as well.


Let Microsoft CRM foster and grow manufacturer-distributor relationships so you can focus on driving revenue. Dealers will appreciate your commitment to making their interactions with customers easier and can recommend your products with confidence in a company that stands behind their warranties and quality.



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Microsoft Dynamics CRM is not just for manufacturers, however it can make work in this industry far easier. Think CRM may be the right fit for your business? Reach out to us at Logan Consulting to schedule a consultation, discuss CRM training and/or schedule a demo of Dynamics CRMFinding the right partner is half of the battle, and your Chicago based Dynamics CRM partners here at Logan Consulting are dedicated to implementing customized versions of CRM or ERP system to fit your business to help you grow.

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