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Posted on: May 13, 2016 | By: Craig Thompson | Microsoft Dynamics GP

As of May 1st, Microsoft has released GP 2016. With the release comes a host of new features and improvements. This post marks the fifth in a series of posts over the next few weeks that will cover these new features.

 On September 21st, 2015, Microsoft gave a presentation at reIMAGINE, a convention for people and businesses in the Dynamics GP community, about the new features and improvements that should come with the release of GP 2016. These include, but are not limited to:

·       Import/Export SmartLists from Designer

·       SmartLists from Favorites

·       Power BI Reports on Home Page

·       Export numbers to Excel formatted as Numbers

·       Budget Import Exception Report

·       Workflow Reassignment Notifications

·       All-in-One Document View

This post will be covering the improvements made to the Purchase Order Processing and Payroll.

The improvements made to Purchase Order Processing deal with prepayments on purchase orders. In GP 2015 and earlier, a user can enable prepayments in POP Setup. Then, a Prepayment field will show up in the Purchase Order Entry screen. From there you can specify the amount and details about the cash payment. That prepayment flows through GP’s three-way match and is applied to the total invoice. GP 2016, provides some extra functionality with purchase order prepayments. Instead of simply applying the prepayment to the total of the invoice, prepayments will be able to include taxes, freight, and miscellaneous charges. As a result, the entire PO amount can be included in the prepayment and GP now accurately portrays a prepayment that applies to more than just the item(s) purchased.

The improvements made to Payroll include inactive pay codes and posting accounts. Before GP 2016, using the lookup to select a pay code would contain both active and inactive pay codes. This could be a little frustrating, as inactive pay codes are not relevant. As you can see below, the lookup will now give you the option to remove those pay codes from the Employee Pay Codes and Pay Codes lookup windows.

The other improvement made to payroll comes in the form of posting setup.  GP 2016 will provide new functionality by being able to view all posting accounts for Payroll in a navigation list. This navigation list will give users the ability to easily filter and sort accounts. As with other navigation lists, GP users can also import and export Payroll posting accounts using Microsoft Excel. Below, you can see what the screen will look like. This type of navigation list can be useful for not only initial setup, but also payroll account inquiries.

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