How to Deploy a Global Chart of Accounts in QAD’s Enterprise Edition

Posted on: December 31, 2010 | By: SuperUser Account | QAD Financials

Multinational US based companies that desire to implement a global chart of accounts across their enterprise can now execute this requirement with QAD’s Enterprise Edition ERP software. The new financial software offers software functionality that provides for the sharing of data across the database.

The Enterprise Edition database can be divided into separate domains. A domain fundamentally supports an operation with a unique functional currency. For instance, if you have operations in the United States, France and China, then your company will have three domains in QAD. The database will include the following domains:

– US Domain with US Dollars functional currency.
– France Domain with Euro functional currency.
– China Domain with Yuan Functional currency.

To share the chart of accounts across these domains in QAD means enabling the account string (accounts, sub accounts, cost centers and projects) as a shared set. These shared sets of data are then assigned to each domain. The sub account, cost center and project masks are also shared sets and insure greater control over the accuracy of account strings coded in your general ledger.

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