Easy integration to QAD's GL from non-QAD systems (T&E, UPS, etc.)

Posted on: December 21, 2008 | By: SuperUser Account | QAD Business Process

Many QAD environments involve some level of integration with other systems as part of the implementation. At a recent Food and Beverage client, this involved several interfaces to the General Ledger. Some examples of this external data are Employee T & E data, UPS Invoices, Employee Benefit information, Payroll data and Procurement Card data. At this client, we developed an interface that was very flexible but still creates a standard process that could be used for all interface data.

The functions developed include the following:

  • A GL Cross reference module to map source data to the QAD chart of accounts.
  • An Import Module that processes the source data file into a custom interface table, cross references the GL accounts and validates the data.
  • A maintenance program that allows manipulation of the interface data, clearing of errors and reprocessing of error data.
  • Error Reporting.
  • A Journal Entry CIM Load program to create GL transactions from the interface data.

A custom import map that is used by the import module is all that is needed to process each type of interface file. All other modules use the same programs.

This approach minimizes the development effort and standardizes the process all while maximizing the flexibility of the interface.

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