Posted on: February 27, 2008 | By: SuperUser Account | Microsoft Dynamics GP

In our blog we will cover exciting topics as well as mundane, but important items. Today’s topic definitely falls into the mundane, but important category. The topic is backups.

We have noticed on a regular basis that some of our clients do not have adequate backups. We always ensure that an initial backup plan is in place when we implement, but often times the overall infrastructure changes and backups do not get adjusted.

Imagine if you lost all of your Microsoft Dynamics GP data and had no backup in place!

At a minimum, we recommend nightly backups kept on-site and weekly backups off-site. The off-site requirement can be as simple as a key employee or owner taking a tape home on a weekly basis. Of course, there are more sophisticated ways, but this method still fits the bill.

So please, check you backup routines and set a reminder for yourself to check in on them at least one a quarter. Make sure that a system change or server move did not affect your plan.

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