4 Reasons Why QAD Is Perfect for Food and Beverage Manufacturers

Posted on: December 1, 2015 | By: Craig Thompson | QAD Manufacturing

When it comes to food and beverage, manufacturing can be tough. In addition to common manufacturing issues that arise, food and beverage items also raise additional concerns for manufacturers. A variety of ever-changing product lines and continuous adjustments to packaging and pricing causes a lack of uniformity. This lack of uniformity means that manufacturers must become supply chain and inventory experts. Add these concerns to the strict safety and environmental regulations food and beverage must adhere to, and you have yourself a full-blown ERP operation. Yet, you don’t have to manage this operation on your own. QAD is a great solution for food and beverage manufacturers. Here are just a few reasons why:

Quality Management System:  The quality management system allows manufacturers to configure business processes to adhere directly with local and international compliance requirements. This feature also operates track, trace and recall which helps assist companies in managing the unfortunate event of a product recall.

Trade Activity Management:  Automated promotion processes allow for full visibility into promotional tactics and metrics. This feature will help food and beverage manufacturers manage the large amount of coupons, bundling, and discounts they endure.

Demand Planning: With mathematical models based on consumer data, demand planning accurately forecasts demand, uncovering seasonality and consumer buying patterns.

Transportation Management: The transportation management module optimizes shipments and assists with compliance and international documentation. This ensures that items (especially perishable items) are delivered and replenished on time.

QAD has the right tools and functionality to handle each phase of food and beverage manufacturing. With QAD you can diminish food and beverage pain points and increase efficiency within your operations. For more information, contact Logan Consulting, your Chicago based QAD partners

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