QAD Training

Logan Consulting offers QAD training services to its clients that is customized and tailored to their specific needs. Rather than sit in a classroom and see examples that don’t apply and are difficult to understand, Logan Consulting uses your MFG/PRO data and a test environment so your employees receive “real-life” QAD training. Because the training is designed for your company, Logan Consultiing can highlight the issues and topics that are important to your business. In addition, the consultants who lead the training are the same consultants who perform our implementations. Therefore, your employees can learn how they would use the application at your company and not just textbook information.

Key features of our QAD training services include:

users interacting

Hands-on training experience for your staff


Suggestions for business improvements that can be quickly implemented

icon lightbulb

High level system training as well as detailed function specific training

Have a problem you are trying to solve?

Before we ever enter into an agreement, we’ll start with a conversation about your pain points and see if we think we can help you.

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