QAD Database Administration

Logan Consulting believes a successful project depends on a sound foundation which includes excellent database administration (DBA), software installation and infrastructure support.

Logan Consulting's effective DBAs can help optimize QAD database performance based on your project and company environment. In addition, our experts can help you ensure that all aspects of data backup and recovery are operating appropriately and that a proper, actionable disaster recovery plan is in place.

Logan Consulting can also help ensure your infrastructure is equipped and sized appropriately for your number of users, applications and transaction volumes.

QAD Business Process Design


Logan Consulting's QAD team is dedicated to delivering value to our clients in the form of improved strategy, organization, and execution in critical areas of their QAD EE, QAD SE or QAD MFG/PRO projects. Several critical areas include:

  • Manufacturing Planning and Execution 
  • Supply Chain and Operations Management 
  • Logistics and Distribution 
  • Purchasing and Supply Management 

Manufacturing Planning and Execution

We design and implement manufacturing planning and execution processes that utilize the best possible combination of proven manufacturing philosophies to meet our clients' specific needs. The goal is to allow clients to recognize a competitive advantage through measurable performance improvement. Opportunities for improvement are thoroughly reviewed to validate that proper priorities are set to maximize and speed a return on investment.

Supply Chain and Operations Management

We provide the expertise necessary to make operations and supply chain work together to deliver against a defined strategy. Since all internal operations and the supply chain must interact effectively to deliver top-line and bottom-line growth, our clients rely on our proven ability to ensure that all areas of the business are working cohesively and efficiently to deliver measurable value in a manner consistent with the strategy. Typically, the benefits realized include reduced inventories, elimination of redundant or non-value-adding activities, reduced headcount, reduced order-to-delivery times, and improved asset performance.

Logistics and Distribution

Major advances in software, infrastructure, and communications technology have allowed logistics and distribution to emerge as key drivers for improved customer service as well as cost reduction. To achieve these goals, Logan Consulting delivers both strategic services such as development of a nation-wide distribution network and tactical solutions such as warehouse layout design and WMS implementation. Our real-world experience in process and technology allows us to ensure that our clients are exploiting best practices and advanced technology to maintain or advance their position in the marketplace and to maximize the performance of their assets and capital.

Purchasing and Supply Management

The purchasing of materials--both inventory and MRO--and outside services represents the vast majority of a company's expenditures. Therefore, properly managing this critical aspect of operations is an obvious area of concern for our clients. We assist in implementing both strategic and tactical solutions that maximize the value of these investments. To accomplish this, Logan Consulting focuses on total cost of ownership analysis, cost of quality analysis, supplier certification and performance, make versus buy analysis, and engineering change and product development processes. By properly designing and executing these processes, the optimal balance between purchasing expenditures and their resulting value can be struck.

The above business areas can be critical to the success of you QAD EE, QAD SE or QAD MFG/PRO project.