Enhance Your Business with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft CRM (Customer Relationship Management) gives companies the tools to successfully improve sales and marketing, integrate systems, and provide effective customer service. Microsoft CRM is easy to use, convenient, and a cost effective way for companies to improve their interactions with clients and customers. The use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM can not only meet company needs, but also improve the way you do business.

Microsoft CRM Solutions

Microsoft CRM can be used in either an on-premise environment or a hosted environment. Whether you want the solution within your four walls and managed by your IT resources or hosted by Microsoft, Microsoft CRM has a solution. Furthermore, if you choose one option and need to switch at a later date Microsoft CRM is the only platform that allows a seamless transition. Both Microsoft CRM and Microsoft CRM Live are built on the same, solid Microsoft technology.

Microsoft CRM and Outlook Integration

Microsoft CRM is based on standard Microsoft technologies. Microsoft CRM can he used entirely within Outlook providing users a familiar experience. This helps reduce the learning curve of a new CRM system and improves user acceptance. Microsoft CRM is intuitive allowing users to embrace the system and use it to its fullest potential.

Microsoft CRM Reporting

Microsoft CRM provides a host of reporting options for both business users and technical users. Microsoft CRM has a built in tool called an Advanced Find. This easy to use tool allows users to create their own reports and view them within the system. These reports can then be shared with other users. In addition, these reports can be dynamically exported to Excel allowing non-CRM users to see CRM data. With the graphing functionality of Excel detailed dashboards, analysis and metrics can be built. Finally, Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides out of the box reports such as a pipeline report, marketing activity report and reports showing key customer service metrics. All of these reports and more are built on Microsoft SQL Reporting Services and can be modified.

Microsoft CRM Integration and Implementation

One of the biggest benefits of Microsoft CRM is the power of integration. Businesses today can no longer operate with silos data. They need integrated systems that provide information allowing professionals to make critical decisions. Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be integrated across a variety of platforms and more importantly contains native integration to other Microsoft applications. Excel, Word and Outlook are all seamlessly integrated to Microsoft CRM. Furthermore, Microsoft CRM can be used in conjunction with SharePoint to surface detailed data and large document libraries and repositories. Because Microsoft CRM was built from the ground up on .net platform Microsoft CRM can easily be integrated to web applications as well. A customer or prospect can visit a site and enter key information and have that information flow seamlessly into Microsoft CRM. Finally, with the use of I-Frames you can establish links to common search engine web sites as well as internal and external web sites. Microsoft CRM offers a number of ways to help your business connect with ease.

Microsoft CRM Customization

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can easily be customized and configured to exactly match the way you conduct your business using your terminology. Each and every out of the box record can have its name changed to match the culture of your company. Within Microsoft CRM you have the ability to create custom objects which can be added throughout the system and related to existing sales, marketing, and customer service information. If the standard configuration doesn’t meet your needs a customized solution can be built within Microsoft CRM. Using a standard Software Developer’s Toolkit (SDK) you can ensure that standard protocols and methodologies are used. This allows the customizations to fit your needs, but not inhibit upgrades and future releases from Microsoft.

In short, Microsoft CRM provides you with the tools you need to customize your company's system. Microsoft CRM IT Support Microsoft CRM is based on standard Microsoft technologies allowing your IT resources to easily support your system. Windows Server, SQL Server and Exchange Server are all standard technologies familiar to most IT resources. This saves your company valuable time and reduces the total cost of ownership.

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