Acumatica and Wholesale Distribution

If you are a wholesale distributor, you specialize in purchasing materials from vendors and distributing your products to institutional, industrial, commercial and professional businesses and/or to other wholesalers.  According to the American Institute of CPAs, wholesale distribution needs are expected to continue to grow over 5 percent within the next five years, meaning your wholesale distribution company is deserving of software that puts the power in your hands.                        

Watch your wholesale distribution company expand and grow towards new potentials with Acumatica’s distribution management suite. Acumatica puts you in control of your wholesale distribution business with web based access allowing accessibility anywhere at any time and by increasing efficiency within each step of wholesale distribution such as :

Inventory management- Improve your inventory management with real-time visibility to current inventory in transit, inventory costs and reorder quantities.  Manage your inventory across multiple warehouses and across multiple currencies. Take advantage of advanced features such as expiration dates, negative inventory and bin location.

Sales order management-Achieve faster order fulfillment and faster data entry with automated sales order processing, shipping order generation, predictive entry, set default accounts and enhancements to the way you quote, receive and fill orders. Split orders across multiple warehouses, issue replenishment orders, accept returns and more.  Order and sell locally and internationally with automatic currency translations and increase customer satisfaction with CRM integration.  

Purchase order management - Reduce your purchasing costs and ensure a stable material supply with automated purchasing processes.  Access past information quickly and easily to accelerate your decision making process. Improve purchasing efficiency with partial receipts, drop shipments, ordering procedures and complete USPS integration.

With Acumatica your wholesale distribution company is able to reach new potentials with increased efficiency, accuracy and time saving measures that no other wholesale distribution software can attain. Contact Logan Consulting, a Chicago based Acumatica partner today to learn more information.

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