It’s about that time to start mapping out the annual family summer vacation! While many stress about the logistics of getting a trip together, with the right strategy you can please everyone (including yourself). Taking the time to analyze all trip attendee’s goals for the vacation is a great place to start when planning a vacation. Follow along for some ways you can start planning now!

Budget Constraints

To begin planning any trip you first must stay realistic about your budgetary constraints. Map out how much you are willing to spend in total and on specifics such as lodging, activities, transportation, and food. When vacationing without proper research it is common to accumulate hidden costs such as baggage fees, cleaning fees, parking fees, gas, and more. By setting your monetary guidelines before booking your vacation you won’t be surprised by your credit card statement the following month.


The two biggest contributors that help determine the best destination for you includes the season and agenda. For example, if your family wanted to plan a trip to Thailand avoiding monsoon season from May-October would probably be a wise idea. Depending on the type of travelers you have on your trip planning out an agenda is crucial. If you’re bringing small children, seniors, or pets you may need special accommodations. Deciding as a group the kind of experience you’d like to get out of your vacation helps narrow down possible destinations that are right for you. If your group is looking to relax with a pina colada in hand, heading down to Aruba would be ideal. On the contrary, if you are an adventurous bunch looking to explore new territories, maybe an Alaskan cruise is next on the list. By accessing your group’s priorities before the trip, you can save time and prevent arguments from occurring during vacation time.

Use That Smartphone to Your Advantage

Are you someone that is apprehensive to try out new technologies? Don’t worry, we can all relate, but using smartphone apps to find cheap flights, lodging, and activities is the new craze you won’t want to miss. To simplify, let’s examine a few of my favorites apps- Hopper, Pinterest, and Airbnb.

Hopper is the perfect app for the bargain shopper! This app helps you watch flights you are interested in booking and it gives you advice on when the best time to book is. Pinterest is more than just a travel planning application, you can look up virtually anything on Pinterest. The app is most commonly used to search anything you’re interested in (like recipes, crafts, and travel destinations) to save to your personal account for viewing in the future. Lastly, Airbnb, helps users find homes and experiences across the world that can be booked in a matter of seconds. Plus, you can even search within a specific price range to ensure you are staying within those budgetary constraints you’ve mapped out prior to booking.


Planning a vacation to many is both overwhelming and unenjoyable. But with the right amount of planning, finding the perfect vacation for you and your family doesn’t have to be taxing. So, take out that smartphone and start browsing!


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