4 Steps to Help You Live a Stress-Free Existence

No matter how many hours you’re putting in at the office it never seems like you can catch a break. With everything that life throws at you it is sometimes hard to take a moment for yourself to decompress and breathe during your daily grind. While some say you might need a yoga membership to achieve tranquility, my advice is to start with these 4 steps to make change for yourself, slowly but surely.



Look at the Glass Half-Full

Yep, you’ve heard it again. Optimism really IS imperative. The way you look at every situation can determine your mood for the entire day, or better yet even your week! No one enjoys getting rained on or spilling Starbucks on their new pants, but these things happen and it’s important to focus on the bigger picture even when it seems impossible. Avoid beating yourself up over things you can’t control, but don’t blame others either. Sometimes it’s okay to accept that… sh*t happens.


While this may seem like a silly thing to do the first time you try it out, I promise you’ll get used to it. First, you’ll want to go somewhere completely silent- try an office, park, or open conference room. Next, you’ll want to sit in a comfortable position with your eyes closed and mind turned off. Shutting out your checklist of things to do even for 5 minutes may be difficult, but by doing this you’re allowing yourself to be completing present in that moment. Once your mind is clear, focus on your breathing and letting go of any negative energy you’ve built up throughout your day. This is an especially useful technique if you are somebody that brings their work stress into their home each evening.

Leave Space in Your Schedule

Stacking up your schedule with endless commitments both inside and outside of work only creates more stress on your end. If you feel like your jam-packed schedule is never ending take some time to sit down and evaluate all your activities. Ask yourself, “Do I really need to do this?” If you’re someone who can never say no, start by practicing your rejection statement. For example, when your best friend asks you to watch her dog for the third time this year you could say something like, “Julia, you know I absolutely adore Buster but my schedule has been really hectic these past few months and I’m really trying to make more time for myself to pursue some hobbies that I’ve neglected. I hope you understand.” Any good friend should understand the importance of your own mental health.

Do Something You Love

When’s the last time you ran down Lakeshore Drive? Saw your favorite band in concert? Wrote a story? Went to a bar to have a beer and watch your favorite sports team? Hey, this weekend is the start of March Madness! No matter what your hobbies include, you need to make time for activities like these that make you smile and forget about those daily stresses we so often get engrossed in.

Now go have some fun!

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