Logan Consulting has a long-standing QAD client that is implementing the QAD Configurator to build quotes for its complex product which contains both configurable items, based on defined rules, and true engineered-to-order (ETO) components. The ETO items cannot be defined in the configurator rule set as they require an engineer to design on a site-by-site basis. So, how do we include the ETO component in the configurator model so we can generate a quote directly from QAD. When reviewing the business process, the engineering work was the first step in the quoting process, and therefore, the engineer could supply quoted costs and prices before the rest of the product is build in the QAD Configurator. Therefore, we added pricing and cost questions in the Questionnaire. We then created a pricing variable that is set based on user response to the engineering price question. To capture the cost, we added a floor stock item to the Product Structure whose standard cost was $1.00. A Product Structure Assignment rule was then written to update the quantity per of the costing item to match the cost entered into the questionnaire. The net result is that the ETO component can be properly priced and costed as a part of the overall configuration. Ultimately, the new process will reduce the quoting process from days to an hour or so.

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