Artificial intelligence is a growing field that is making its way into productivity tools like Microsoft Dynamics CRM/ Dynamics 365 for Sales. The initial release of Microsoft’s virtual assistant, Cortana, was in 2014 and over the past few years the biggest competitors—Apple, Amazon, and Google have joined the AI race. Although a newer technology, AI is slowly making its way into the tools we use for business. Many are wondering, how will this affect platforms like these in the future?

Artifical Intelligence and CRM

The Goal of Artificial Intelligence:

The end goal of artificial intelligence is to create convenience through a computer that understands human intelligence. In simplified terms, AI is trying to duplicate human behavior in computers. The trend of virtual assistants is certainly still on the rise, but is most commonly used for everyday tasks at home such as music, lights, reminders, and more. As AI becomes more evolved so does the possibility of integrating AI into the workplace daily, and some organizations have begun doing so. AI has the potential to transform communication with your prospects and clients.

The Future of AI in CRM/ Dynamics 365 Software:

As AI continues to evolve here are several ways this technology has begun to impact CRM:

  • Using a virtual assistant to automate responses, follow-ups, and transaction updates

  • Assistance closing deals by predicting optimal follow-up times and next steps

  • Assistance with follow-ups and gaging the best communication channel to choose

  • Creating road maps and strategic steps to ensure end game success

While AI hasn’t completely integrated into the Microsoft Dynamics CRM / Dynamics 365 for Sales platform, as the technology improves we will see its involvement in the business world take off as well. With the ability to gain deeper and richer insights—what do we have to lose from AI’s capabilities?

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