Is your QAD Environment Sarbanes-Oxley Compliant?

Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Law (SOX) is a requirement that management and auditors establish internal controls.  The primary tools, in QAD’s Enterprise Applications, are Role Based Security and Segregation of Duties (SOD).

With Role based security, Roles are established to assign:

·        Permissions (Applications Menus)

·        Resources (Users)

Users are logically grouped to Roles based on the departments and the tasks they may. Because the Roles, are also a list of Application Menus, the users will have a finite list of access.

Segregation of Duties provides an enforcement layer within the application.  Roles or Role Groupings in the SOD menus are assigned to SOD Categories.  Certain SOD Categories will be inherently conflicted.  For instance, a user should not be assigned a role that allows for the creation of a vendor and the creation of a payment to vendors.  Within QAD, SOD Category Conflicts prevent the assignment of a user to conflicted Categories and therefore, enhance the internal control environment.  

For more information regarding QAD Segregation of Duties Functionality, you can contact Andrew Vitullo (

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