Create an AP Check from a Ledger Account in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations




Authored by: Kelly Neely

In certain situations, companies run into a scenario where they need to issue an AP check but don’t want to go through the process of creating a vendor, entering the invoice, etc.  With a small amount of setup, an AP check can be issued directly from a ledger account.


1.  The first step is to go to the Cash and Bank Management parameters and change the flag on “Allow checks for bank or ledger accounts” to Yes.


2.  You are now ready to create your payment journal.  In Accounts Payable, create a new payment journal and go to the lines.


3.  In the lines, go to the General tab.  In the Account type field, change the account type to Ledger.


4.  Go back to the List tab.  In the Account field, fill in the GL account that you want to write the check against.  In the Debit field, fill in the amount of the check.


5.  Choose the Offset account type of Bank.  Choose the bank account that you want to cut the check from in the Offset account.  In the Method of payment field, fill in the method of payment that is used for check processing.


6.  Click on the General tab.  In the Recipient name field, fill in the name of the entity that the check is being written to.  This is what will print on the check.


7.  When all the data is filled in, select Generate Payments to print the check.  Post the journal when the check prints correctly.


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