QAD: The Solution for Automotive Suppliers

The automotive industry has experienced a lot of change over the past several decades. With a recent transition sparked by regulatory requirements and technological growth, automotive companies are motivated to lower emissions and enhance consumer technology while producing high performing vehicles. Tier X suppliers have supported this change through the production of automotive parts, components and sub-assemblies.  Together, these automotive companies have been a key driver of the manufacturing sector.  An ERP solution like QAD Enterprise Edition (EE) or QAD Standard Edition (SE), which are designed for manufacturing in general and automotive in particular, can be used to help deepen relationships between automotive companies and ensure your automotive company remains profitable.


Becoming a Lean Leader

QAD Enterprise and Standard Edition support manufacturing processes that effect all operations, empowering lean, Kanban, and just-in-time business processes. QAD transfers data electronically to and from your supply chain partners. It helps you optimally plan and manage your production schedules.  QAD can also help you align your operations to align with customer and supplier schedules.

Supply Chain Optimization

QAD EE and QAD SE can also help you align your operations with customer and supplier schedules. QAD software is designed to facilitate communication around planning and scheduling both within your four walls and outside in the supply chain.  Visibility is critical, and QAD provides it.  The QAD solution helps keep your business aware of supply chain activity, preventing errors and ensuring customer satisfaction.

For automotive manufacturers, a flexible deployment model like QAD EE makes new operations or integration with existing ERP applications easier than ever. QAD’s manufacturing and supply chain applications help your business respond to a changing reality in real-time. Logan Consulting has worked with a variety of businesses within the automotive industry, including complex QAD EE and QAD SE implementations. If your business is looking at QAD, contact Logan Consulting, your QAD expert, for a free consultation now!

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