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The Acumatica Pricing model is different than almost every ERP software solution available. The biggest benefit to the Acumatica model is that the pricing is not user based. This allows companies to grow and expand without paying additional costs to add users to their business systems.

Another major difference to the Acumatica Pricing model is that it accommodates every option for deployment and allows you to switch between deployment methods. Acumatica can be licensed in the following ways:

  • Complete SaaS model where you rent the software on an annual basis
  • Rent the software and deploy on premises or through hosted infrastructure
  • Purchase the software and deploy on-premises

This allows each company to select the deployment, licensing and pricing model that meets their needs. Furthermore, a company can choose one model and later switch to a different model if it is more appropriate. You don't get locked into a long-term contract and always get credit for what you have already purchased.

The final major factor that drives Acumatica pricing is the suite of modules that are used. Acumatica is broken down into major areas including financial, distribution, manufacturing, customer relationship management and project accounting. This allows a company reviewing Acumatica to focus on the business needs and functionality required and not on each individual module or user.

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