About Logan Consulting

Logan Consulting is a professional services firm committed to helping businesses get the most from their consulting investments. Since 1992, we have followed a top-down, business process driven methodology to help our clients drive and capture value from management consulting and information technology projects.

From a management consulting perspective, we help our clients with projects involving change management, brand management, business process design & implementation, project management, inventory optimization, customer service level optimization, purchase cost reduction and headcount optimization.

From a technology consulting perspective, we help our clients with projects involving strategic technology planning, packaged software selection, enterprise software (ERP) implementation, and customer relationship management (CRM). We have developed experience and strong skill sets with packages like Oracle PeopleSoft, QAD, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft CRM, and Oracle JD Edwards, among others.

We operate primarily throughout North America, but travel worldwide as client projects dictate.

Our clients range in size from global Fortune 100 companies to middle market, regional companies.


Why Choose Logan Consulting?

Logan Consulting has done an excellent job of understanding our needs and designing Microsoft CRM to meet those needs.  Thanks to Logan Consulting we are able to use Microsoft CRM not only as a sales and marketing tool, but are also able to use Microsoft CRM as our project management solution. Logan Consulting continues to deliver quality, customized solutions as our business requirements evolve. 

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Rob Gulans
Insights in Marketing, VP of Operations